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Who we ar​e

The History

The challenges young people face when they leave school have changed. Many are ill-prepared to handle the new realities facing once they enter adult life. To address this, a special gap year program was born under lock-down in 2020. The demands the future places on us have changed, and a new approach is needed. 

The Gap Year program is the bridge between an old school mindset and the challenges of a new tomorrow. an integrated process of developing through an array of fun experiences – in nature, in the gym or sports field and in classroom. Learning through reviewing, group discussions, assignments, and counselling to accelerate maturity, finding direction, self-responsibility, discipline.
The ultimate aim is to have a game plan, for the future and to have the basic needed skills for your future.
Our approach: Holistic. Individual. Integrated. Learning through experience and involvement  

the Team

Who are your coa​​​ches?

is a Director at the Dome Academies and directs all sports activities at The Dome High-Performance Centre (HTC). Her passionate dedication to youth development has led her to develop a program for young potential Olympians.  After 7 years of formal training in the USA, she has spent the last two decades as Sports Conditioning Coach and Lecturer, Group and Personal Trainer in Sport Management, and Training Athletics Coach. Her passion is sport education and developing future coaches and sports enthusiast.  At the Academies she heads Fitpro education and is a energetic motivator and teacher for Public speaking and other leadership courses too.

Ulla Finkeldey
Chris Erasmus

" Coaching to develop skill performance, on and off the field" is his goal for the Dome Rugby Academy. 
He studied at NWU and played for the Leopards player and later was the performance manager for their youth development. He also played internationally for CrC Madrid in Spain. After transferring from player to a coach, he worked for SARU’s EPD Program for development of U19 Springboks, as one of his strengths is to lead and develop young players to being successful.  With 10 years national and international coaching experience, a level 2 IRB coach for 7’s and 15’s plus a Diploma in sport Management, he is now moving to Namibia and joining our team in 2023.  

Managing Director at the Dome Academies, is a Behavioral Scientist, holds a master’s degree in psychology, and is passionate about people. Over the last 40 years, he acted as an industrial psychologist, and a clinical psychologist and is active in the field of sport psychology.  In addition, he has been an executive coach to international corporations and ran comprehensive programs on life skills coaching, life fulfillment, and self-mastery. 
Life skills coach at the Academy and his passion is finding the uniqueness and strengths in people.  Connecting the dots.

Lourens van Wyk
André Ross

is an Adventure Facilitator and teambuilding expert in Namibia. For the past 22 years, he has worked in the field of adventure-based experiential learning, personal growth, and individual development with various clients. His programs are challenging but show results in developing strong leadership skills and gaining self-insight. His clientele includes corporate entities, government ministries, and teacher and student groups for teambuilding events.   His focus is to develop and grow people, not just to entertain them, therefore his strong Developmental mindset is great to promote growth in our youth.

is our soul in the office of the Dome Academy.  She is not only our bookkeeper and client liaison officer but our effective and efficient office manager.   Joyce started her career with customer care, merchandising and sales management training. After 15 Years she worked herself up the ranks to be Budget Rent a car Regional Manager for Namibia. Her passion for Cars continued with car rental companies in the Admin department and bookings, but her passion for finances and people got her into accounting where she managed an Accounting training centre in Windhoek. After 20 years in the Corporate business world of Windhoek, she moved to Swakopmund and joined our team at the DOME academies.  

Joyce Ebenau