Bridge the gap international

What it is

An exciting 3-month volunteer program that includes once in a lifetime experience such as African adventures, inter-cultural learning, wildlife and nature site seeing, sport and fitness, and many more. Prepare yourself for studies and career. Excel to the next level, while having a lot of fun.

Program Content

What to expect

  • Inter-culture learning – dealing with unique cultures and their way of life. 
  • See Namibia - experiencing African adventure, nature, and wildlife. 
  • Learning to speak English – safe environment to learn and make mistakes. 
  • Physical activities – doing sport, fitness training, and learning about healthy living. 
  • Accelerating personal development to be ready for studies or career. 
  • Doing short internships or job shadowing of your choice.

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of the program

see namibia


Sport & Fitness

What will be provided

  • Accommodation in Swakopmund
  • Adventure equipment and transport
  • Expert coaching and mentoring
  • Gym membership
  • Access to professional trainers
  • Personal assessment tools
  • Lecturing facilities 

Bridge the Gap International 
Program content


Regular adventure experiences such as surf rowing on rubber ducks, rock climbing and abseiling from cliffs, sleeping under the African sky, and survival hikes in the wild.  These are more than adrenaline boosters and excitement. It also teaches overcoming one’s fears, facing difficulty, and saying yes to challenges. Optional challenges are skydiving, catamaran cruises with dolphins, camel rides through the desert, meeting the desert elephants, and many more to choose from (at additional costs of course).


Interacting with people from vastly different cultures, of which some are only indigenous to Namibia. Learn how they live, how they think, and how they approach life in general. Taking part in voluntary outreach and support initiatives to them.
Opening up your mind to different ways of thinking, be challenged about your assumptions and the way you approach life and the world. These are experiences to last a lifetime.


Receiving membership at a world class gym with professional trainers and expert coaches to get fit and in shape. Enjoying being active in different sports. Participating in adventure sport activities such as volleyball on the beach, archery, wall climbing.  Understanding high-performance fitness, strength training and conditioning.
In addition, one can qualify as a Fitpro Fitness Instructor (base level understanding of healthy living). This is a certified qualification with international recognition.


This component of the program aims at becoming a well-functioning individual, ready for the next step into the future . Much emphasis is placed on effective self-management, self-confidence, critical decision-making, and social skills. It takes the form of group discussion, self-assessments, and fun-packed practical applications to real life. Come and find your unique talents, hidden passions, and purpose.  Get career guidance and a game plan for life. 


Learning to think like an entrepreneur. Gaining skills to create an alternative income stream from start. Learning critical and creative thinking skills. Become mentally tough – Coping with business risks, challenges, and difficulties. Self-management – realistic goal setting, self-motivation, and perseverance.
The aim is to have the experience not to make unnecessary expensive mistakes with future business endeavors. In the process, one receives continuous support, coaching and mentoring from experts in the field.


Short internships or job shadowing to choose from: fitness instructor, social media, hospitality, catering, counselling, adventure facilitation, public speaking and many more. It is all about gaining basic vocational experience in the field of one’s talents and interests and to know whether this is what you want. It is valuable to add these to a CV.

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