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The students will be in the Gap Year program in the mornings and can choose the National Certificate in Sport additionally.

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What to expect?

During the first 3 months the students CAN choose to add the fitness instructor course 

  • Getting fit and in shape – and learning how to exercise correctly 
  • Pursuing a sports career – finding out if this is an option 
  • Challenging yourself – learn how your body works 
  • Enjoying adventure and leisure sports – having fun while being physically active. 
  • Best education in Principles of health and fitness


South Africa

Full Time certifications provides students with quality, experienced based classroom time. 
Our lecturers are all active and knowledgable in the industry.

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Our Partners are FITPRO South Africa

The Institute of Fitness Professionals has earned a reputation as a provider of the highest quality fitness education, from certifications to continued professional development, which ensures that our graduates are competent and professional in their approach to fitness training and their role in the Wellness industry.


  • FitPro is an accredited Education and Training Provider with over 20 years’ experience in the sport industry.
  • Proven high quality of education and placing top of future job finding.
  • National and internationally accredited.

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