Gap Year

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The gap year program is carefully designed sets of experiences to achieve its purpose. It is a holistic approach that includes all important aspects a school leaver needs. 

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Life Skills


Regular workshops about accelerating personal maturity in all aspects of life, to be effective as a person in relationships, within a career, and in relation to oneself. Much emphasis is placed on aspects such as effective self-management, self-confidence, responsible decision-making, and social skills. It takes the form of group classes, assignments, self-assessments, and practical applications in real life. 

What to expect?

Applying Life skills:

  • Mental toughness – Coping with life’s challenges and stressors.
  • Self-management – realistic goal setting, motivation, and perseverance. 
  • Responsible decisions – a more rational approach to life, being realistic.
  • Self-confidence – growing positive self-esteem, and daring to live authentically   

Entrepreneurial MIndset

Entrepreneurial Mindset

To be able to shape one’s future, students learn to adopt a new way of thinking and making a greater impact in their own lives. An entrepreneurial mindset enables them to live life in a constructive manner. Students gain the ability to identify opportunities, make quality decisions, take calculated risks, and challenge themselves to venture starting their own business, create alternative income streams, or to become an employee who thinks progressively.
The Entrepreneurial pathway focuses on critical thinking, problem-solving, and decisive action. 

What to expect?

Applying entrepreneurial skills:

  • Becoming an entrepreneur –the basics for creating and running one’s own business.
  • Being an employee with a progressive mindset – leadership, commitment, decisive action.
  • Creating alternative income stream – identifying, planning, pursuing.

Tooling up:

  • Finding one’s unique skills set – talents, values, passions, personal preferences.
  • Thinking – creativity, problem-solving, calculated risk-taking.
  • Doing – decisive action, accountability, perseverance, ethical conduct.


  • Creating opportunities for applying skills learnt.
  • Getting practical exposure - volunteer work, internship, or shadowing.
  • Assistance by Gap Year coaches to optimize personal growth.

Adventure Experiences


Regular adventure excursions are undertaken monthly. They are more than mere adrenaline boosters for fun and excitement as the they serve as character builders. 

The year starts with a unique three-day Desert Survival experience, followed by a wide array of exciting adventures such as rubber duck rowing in the surf, abseiling from cliffs, hiking and sleeping under the desert sky, and many more. André Ross, who undertakes these excursions, is a specialist in the field of adventure facilitation with decades of experience. 
For him, safety is paramount.

What to expect?

Nature of adventure activities

  • The Namibia adventure experience - discovering nature in and around Swakopmund. 
  • Challenging – being stretched beyond one’s comfort zones.
  • Exciting – adrenaline rushing challenges, feeling alive. 
  • Fun and enjoyment – experiences to be remembered for decades to come.

Personal growth

  • Facing one’s fears – Not being able to hide from danger, but to persevere. 
  • Overcoming difficulty – experiencing the “I Can Succeed” regardless of difficulty. 
  • Challenging beliefs – be confronting obsolete assumptions about oneself, others, the world. 
  • Gaining self-insight – discovering mental and physical strengths unknown before. 

Fitness Education


Participating in physical activity at least three times per week is compulsory. The program is geared to accommodate everyone – from the serious athlete to the unfit. 
You will learn everything about health and fitness, the fitness Industry.
Leisure sport. Making physical activity fun. One can choose to participate in semi-organized adventure sports such as volleyball on the beach, cycling, running, walking, swimming, wall climbing, etc. 
Sports clubs and teams. If a student wants to further her/his sports career in a sport clubs you can be actively involved, and your knowledge will benefit all sport enthusiasts.

What to expect?

Partaking Sport

  • Getting fit and in shape
  • Pursuing a sportscareer – professional sports coaching in your sport of choice.
  • Challenging yourself – plentiful opportunities, events, and competition.
  • Enjoying adventure and leisure sports – having fun while being physically active.

Internship and Qualification

  • Qualify as a professional Fitness Instructor (first 3 months price not included). 
  • Optional extra: National Certificate in Fitness
  • Both programs can be done together with the Gap Year program or on its own.

Fees and Application Form

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