general introduction

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What is a Gap Year?

The Gap Year is a six-month bridging program between a school mindset and the challenges of tomorrow. This will be offered starting in January and in July. The future demands have changed, and this is a new approach to preparing the youth for the future demands and challenges in life and future care​​ers. It is a year of accelerated personal development, filled with fun, adventure, and sport. It is about getting ready for adult life, by building your own bridge.

How it works

Initially, you start with a process of finding your unique capabilities and hidden passions and then discovering what future career to choose. Then you choose a career pathway and an internship or two to try out while learning. Finally, you end up with certificates, qualifications, and a fresh CV to boost your job prospects or study application. 

Why choose the Gap Year?

  • Celebrate the best time of your life
  • A life-changing experience
  • Make new friends
  • Overcome your fears
  • Get a game plan for the future
  • Feel part of something great
  • Better your chances of study success 

3 steps to your success

Step 1

Basic Orientation 
(First Phase)

The first phase aims at equipping the student with basic understanding and skills, i.e., entrepreneurial thinking, life coaching, sport and fitness, career guidance, and adventure excursions. At the end of this phase, the student has a spectrum of career/ vocational options to choose from to fill the rest of her/his gap year.  Fitness Instructor Certification done for all.

Step 2

Specific vocational training 
(Second Phase)

The second phase places a stronger emphasis on preparing the student for a career. The student chooses to pursue a vocational interest such as entrepreneurship, sport, fitness, hospitality, or digital marketing and follows leadership for his/her own development. The student receives certificates for various leadership, and accredited courses. In addition, the wide spectrum of experiences helps to populate his/her first CV.

step 3

Application and Practical
(Last Phase)

In this time we will put the students in work like atmosphere to apply the learnt skills and put to use what was thought. Internships/shadowing will be arranged where possible, all students spend most time on application of knowledge.