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The Gap Year

The Gap Year is a bridging program between an old-school mindset and the challenges of a new tomorrow. The future demands have changed, and this is a new approach to preparing oneself. It is a year of accelerated personal development, filled with fun, adventure, and sport. It is about getting ready for adult life. 

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Who we are

The challenges young people face when they leave school have changed. Many are ill-prepared to handle the new realities facing once they enter adult life. To address this, a special gap year program was born under lock-down in 2020. The dema​nds the future places on us have changed, and a new approach is needed.

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The gap year program is carefully designed sets of experiences to achieve its purpose. It is a holistic approach that includes all important aspects a school leaver needs. 

How it works

Initially, you start with a process of finding your unique capabilities and hidden passions and then discovering what future career to choose.

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